Introduction to Bioengineering: Bioengineering in this textbook is taken to be the application of the concepts and methods of the physical sciences and mathematics in an engineering approach to problems in the life sciences. The aims of such studies is to understand the physical processes and engineering aspects of a systems performance both under normal and abnormal conditions, and to design and use diagnostic or artificial devices meant to measure, improve, safeguard, or replace life functions. An experienced team of instructors in mechanical, electrical, chemical and nuclear engineering from the University of California at Berkeley developed the book including contributions on orthopaedics and biodynamics. The topics covered mirror the fundamental engineering science taught, usually at intermediate university level, and are each applied to problems in the biological world. The basic principles of engineering science are presented so that students will be able to grasp the essence of a particular topic quickly, whatever their background. Many worked examples and problems (together with selected solutions) are included throughout the text.