Synamatix The core technology and IP underlying most of Synamatix’s software is SynaBASE. Powered by proprietary self-learning algorithms, SynaBASE finds and stores patterns data into a dynamic network architecture. These patterns and their relationships are constructed and maintained in highly efficient data structures that extend until they become unique
SooryaKiran Bioinformatics (P) Ltd is a unique and novel venture by the alumni of Centre for Bioinformatics, targeting to offer world class tools and services in the exciting field of Bioinformatics. SooryaKiran promises to provide a bouquet of services to cater national and international clients
Sirna Therapeutics, Inc. The scientific community considers RNA interference the breakthrough biological discovery of the decade with the potential to change how diseases are treated. Sirna Therapeutics is at the forefront of the effort to create RNA based therapies and leverage the vast potential of this technology to ultimately treat patients
SlidePath is a company dedicated to the delivery of world leading software for Digital Slide and Life Sciences Informatics Applications. Already, Digital Slidebox has become the pre-eminent software solution in the management of digital slide content for education and external quality assurance
Simulations Plus Inc is the leading developer of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion (ADME) neural net and simulation software for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries today. The Company’s software allows pharmaceutical scientists to predict certain key potential drug dynamics, such as absorption, in silico, thereby eliminating multi-million dollar clinical trial failures and speeding up the time to market of effective new medications.