The popularity of neural network methodology is rapidly growing in a wide variety of areas from basic research to data mining applications, business forecasting and risk management, engineering, and others. STATISTICA Automated Neural Networks (SANN) is one of the most advanced and best performing neural networks applications on the market. It offers numerous unique advantages and will appeal not only to neural network experts (by offering them a wide selection of network types and training algorithms), but also to new users in the field of neural computing (via the unique Automated Network Search, a tool that guides the user through the necessary procedures for creating neural networks).



STATISTICA Automated Neural Networks is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, powerful, and extremely fast neural network data analysis package, featuring:

  • Integrated pre- and post-processing, including data selection, nominal-value encoding, scaling, normalization, and missing value substitution, with interpretation for classification, regression, and time series problems.
  • Exceptional ease of use coupled with unsurpassed analytic power; for example, a unique wizard-style Automated Network Search (ANS) guides the user step-by-step through the procedure of creating a variety of different networks and choosing the network with the best performance (a task that would otherwise require a lengthy "trial-and-error" process and a solid background in the underlying theory).
  • State-of-the-art, highly optimized training algorithms (including Conjugate Gradient Descent and BFGS); full control over all aspects that influence the network performance such as activation and error functions or network complexity.
  • Support for combinations of networks and network architectures of practically unlimited sizes organized in network sets for forming ensembles.
  • Comprehensive graphical and statistical feedback that facilitates interactive exploratory analyses.
  • Full integration with the STATISTICA system; all results, graphs, reports, etc. can be further modified with STATISTICA's powerful graphics and analytic tools (e.g., to perform further analyses of prediction residuals, generate annotated summary reports, and so on).
  • Full integration with STATISTICA's powerful tools for automation; record complete macros for all analyses; program custom neural network analyses and applications in the STATISTICA Visual Basic environment, or call STATISTICA Automated Neural Networks from any application that supports the Component Object Model (COM; e.g., Automatedally perform neural network analyses in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or incorporate neural network procedures in your own custom applications developed in C, C++, C#, Java, etc.).